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On October 21, 2016, Brad Heath posted his “recommendation” about horse trailer flooring on the Double D Trailers website. Bringing important information to light is a good thing and opening a discussion about the merits of various horse trailer flooring options is important. The challenge is posting the truth and the whole truth.

Polylast will not address the merits of WERM or Rhino Lining as neither is a Polylast Systems, LLC product and all three systems have very different properties that each producer can address on their own behalf.

To clarify and correct the “Reasons” that Brad cites as his justification for not recommending Polylast’s proven C & S “Comfort and Safety Flooring”, please consider the following facts:

1. Thanks, Brad, for acknowledging that Polylast floors “really look fantastic!” However, the fact is, Polylast is not just a pretty covering. Polylast Systems, LLC has been installing C & S flooring in Horse and Livestock trailers since 2010 with a simple, 10 year warranty… A pretty good indication that Polylast does not just hide “dangerous problems underneath.” “American Society for Testing and Materials” test numbers ASTM F970, Static Load Test and ASTM D412-15A, Tensile Strength, give an indication of the strength of Polylast surfaces.

2. Coincidentally, it was also 2010 that Double D acquired its new manufacturing plant to build its redesigned 2010 body style trailer on which as is stated on the Double D web page, it offers a competitive warranty of:
Manufacturer warrants that its products will be free from defects in materials and or workmanship to the original purchaser for a period of up to (8) years from the date of manufacturing providing the conditions are met and satisfied. There may be an $100.00 deductible per claim.

To be fair, according to its web page, Double D did “go 100% horse trailer manufacturing” in 2007.
Also, to be fair, keep in mind that Polylast’s patented process precursor has been installed in horse trailers since 2000!

3. Polylast C & S is not a “floor coating made out of ground up rubber bits or chemical compounds.” In fact, It is a patented process system (US 8,389,624 B2 issued March 5, 2013) that is permanently adhered to the trailer floor AFTER the floor has been coated with a proprietary, flexible epoxy that protects the floor whether aluminum or wood, from the negative effects of urine and feces. Technically, the cross-linking between the epoxy and urethane make the adherence exceptionally strong, impermeable and, because the epoxy is protected by the patented rubber mixture, the protection is permanent. Floors stay dry and free of harmful agents as Polylast adheres to wood and aluminum as well as it does to concrete and asphalt, much like the paint on a tractor protects the metal from rusting in the elements and undercoating protects vehicle undercarriages from road chemicals.

4. Polylast Systems takes your horses safety very seriously, too, and if drilling holes in a thin sheet of aluminum could adversely affect the safety or your trailer then you probably bought the wrong trailer, in the first place. In fact, adhering ¾” inch thick Polylast greatly enhances the structural strength of aluminum, while decreasing the impact to your horses’ legs (ASTM D2240, Shore A Hardness, reduces leg impact concussion and shock by 40-50% vs. concrete.)

5. It’s also important to know that Polylast surfaces are installed by trained installers who will prepare old and new floors, to be sure that any existing corrosion or potential problem spots are treated, before Polylast is affixed.

6. In his post, Brad Heath also raises the issue that unlike Rumber, WERM or Rhino Liner, Polylast C & S can be completely porous and really does eliminate the need for rubber mats and the use of any shavings or bedding material! The benefits are numerous and extremely valuable. Eliminating shavings and rubber mats means:

  • Horses are safer and more comfortable standing on a Polylast, cushioned and slip resistant surface. Proof? Put on hard soled boots or shoes and try riding around in a wet and dirty trailer that doesn’t have a Polylast floor. Then, do the same test on a C & S surfaced trailer and you’ll appreciate the value of a slip resistant floor. horses will be safer, more relaxed and better ready to perform at their best.
  • Actually, horses don’t like standing on shavings since it creates an uneven surface that strains joints and tendons… that’s why they’ll paw the shavings out of the way in stalls and trailers, alike. When you see shavings on a horses back, you better believe they are breathing that dust in, too!
  • Also you’ll never have the nasty job of pulling and cleaning mats or paying to have them pulled!
  • You’ll SAVE A LOT OF MONEY since you’ll never have to buy shavings or pay to have them removed, again! That savings alone, could more than pay for having Polylast installed in your new or used trailer. Consider Brad’s comment that a lumber floor can be “the most inexpensive flooring! While it might be the least expensive to purchase, it certainly won’t save you money for the life of your trailer like Polylast will.

7. Brad Heath shares “That there are too many downfalls or potential problems with Polylast” and “All of my concerns are eliminated with Rumber.” Polylast agrees that Rumber is a great flooring material, and like Werm and Rhino Lining, all are greatly enhanced when they are covered with Polylast! Without a slip resistant covering, horse owners report that Rumber, WERM and Rhino Lining can be dangerously slippery! Polylast passes ASTM D2047 Static Coefficient of Friction and achieved the designation, Slip Resistant.

8. A very important, feature that Brad Heath doesn’t address is the fact that all Polylast surfaces are infused with Microban® . Infusing Microban® antimicrobial protection reduces the risk of bringing home unwanted organisms from facilities your horses visit! Importantly, Microban also reduces odors from urine and feces on the floor and makes your trailer easier to clean and more comfortable for your horses and you. Microban protection is guarantee for the life of the Polylast surface. To learn more about this exceptional attribute and value, see www.microban.com.

All considered, it’s easy to understand why so many horse owners are retrofitting their trailers with Polylast and why so many trailer manufacturers now offer Polylast flooring as a standard feature or as a factory installed option.

Brad, please don’t hesitate to refer your past purchasers and new customers to Polylast so they too can benefit from Polylast™ and make their quality Double D trailers an even better value! Of course you, and they, should feel free to contact any of the 50+ authorized dealers or Polylast Systems, LLC, at www.polylastsystems.com or call us, directly at 480 998 3033.

Thanks, again,

Pete Laurence

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