Polylast Roadway Repair

Polylast Roadway Repair provides superior, yet substantially less expensive roadway repair solutions that are quick and easy to install, saving time, money, and liability.  Polylast Roadway Repair is a patented and proprietary non-slip surface, made from 100% recycled rubber, combined with U.S. primers, binders, and finishes. It is installed in place and cures in 30-minutes, start to finish, quickly enough that the need for road closures is eliminated, or minimized. Whether it is pothole repair, crack repair, sidewalk repair, manhole lid leveling, or collar repair, there has never been a product or solution with the benefits of Polylast™.

Crack, Pothole, and Sidewalk Repair

Imagine being able to repair more, for less money while utilizing your current manpower or contract labor more effectively, in as little as 30 minutes.

Polylast™ Roadway Repair offer superior, lower cost repair systems for crack repair, monster crack, pothole repair, sidewalk repair, and stabilization repair, often without the need for permits, barriers, law enforcement supervision or lengthy traffic delay or rerouting.

This Polylast surface maintains its integrity at temperatures from minus 70 degrees to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Polylast Systems, LLC holds the patent on making roadway repairs with rubber.  US Patent 9,982,143 titled Methods and Apparatus for Stabilization of Surfaces with the use of rubber, asphalt, sand, ceramics, glass, marble, rock and gravel. 


Better & safer roadways

Reduced liability!

Happier drivers

Ongoing money savings!

Manhole Lid Leveling
And Collar Repair

For over a decade, Polylast™ has been used to fix deteriorating manhole collars more efficiently, more cost effectively and more permanently than any other way available. Polylast™ Roadway Repair was first utilized by the wastewater department of the City of Chandler, Arizona, to fix manholes at the entrance to a heavy equipment yard. Polylast™ used its Roadway Repair material for a collar repair that the city was conventionally repairing every six to nine months due to the heavy traffic. Three years later, the division manager called to learn how to remove the repair since it was time to resurface the road and the Polylast™ manhole collar’s were like new!

Often, in between roadway resurfacing, the blocks that are used to set the lid, ring and frame to the proper height break or shift resulting in a sunken or uneven lid causing rough areas that are, at best, distracting to drivers and often can create substantial liability as the condition worsens. Using Polylast™ Roadway Repair for manhole lid leveling can eliminate this problem in minutes.

What’s The Difference Between The 
 Old Repair Process And
The Polylast Repair Process?

Old Repair Process:

Permitting, barrier rental and depending on location, traffic supervision for traffic rerouting.
Removal, typically requiring ‘jack hammering’ of the surrounding opening collar.
The frame – ring structure be physically raised to and leveled at the proper height.
Replacing the surrounding collar with asphalt and/or concrete.
The collar be allowed to cure, typically for several hours, before being able to handle traffic.

Polylast™ Repair Process:

Only an arrow board or cones for rerouting with typically no permitting, barrier or supervision necessary.
Sweeping off the lid and surrounding collar area.
Placement of the lid-ring separator.
Priming the lid and collar.
Apply Polylast™
Curing for just a few minutes before being able to handle traffic.

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