Polylast™ now with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection

Due to the increasing number of inquiries to Polylast Systems’ Headquarters and our family of over 65 International Dealers, it has become apparent that there is a growing concern about Equine Biosecurity.  This topic is not a new challenge, equine biosecurity has been a concern for many years, however, now there are more resources, products and publications available than ever before, all designed to help reduce the risks for the introduction and transmission of infectious disease.

Polylast surfaces are safer, more comfortable, performance enhancing and help fight the growth of bacteria. Microorganism contamination and equine biosecurity have become a more prevalent challenge in many areas of society. August 1, 2015, Polylast entered into an exclusive agreement with Microban® Products Company, the global leader in antimicrobial technology, to produce surface solutions that are proven to inhibit the growth of damaging microorganisms, reduce odors and stains, and help keep surfaces cleaner longer between washings. Microban guarantees the efficacy of the antimicrobial effectiveness for the life of Polylast floors

In addition to your local equine veterinarian, you may find it beneficial to research some of the organizations, publications or associations below.  Included are links to assist in your search for helpful information on the reduction in infectious disease caused by bacteria and viruses that may be brought to, and spread at, equine facilities.

Clicking on any of the links below will take you directly to important information on equine biosecurity from some of the most respected equine professionals and practitioners.

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)

The Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC)

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP)

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Hopefully, this information helps answer your questions on equine biosecurity, and if I, or any of our dealers, can be of assistance, please contact me at the number, or email, below.

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Polylast Systems, LLC.
Microban® Antimicrobial – Equine Flooring Division
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For informational purposes only; this is not an attempt to provide medical advice. No solicitation is being made to join an association, or to buy print/digital magazines. Please seek competent medical advice from your local veterinarian and/or the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, ACVIM, or other respected equine professionals. Thank you.

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