Polylast Bunker Liner

Polylast Bunker Liner improves the flow of water through your bunkers by becoming an extension of your drainage system. The porous material allows water to percolate down into the soil at any point of contact which helps to prevent washouts. At the same time, the liner keeps your sand clean from migrating rocks and dirt from the native subsurface.

Polylast Bunker Liner, A Superior Solution To A Complex Issue and Custom Design

This unique patent pending solution is made in the USA and prefabricated from 100% recycled rubber (US Patent number 8,389,624 B2 issued March 5, 2013) which arrives ready to install. Installation is simple, requiring only the placement of the preformed pads, of which the seams are glued together. This liner doesn’t require any special heavy equipment or any certified installation crews. The material is flexible, allowing it to easily contour to the curves and dips of your bunkers, while being strong enough to withstand migrating animals or the accidental scrapes from machine rakes.

Along the edges, Polylast™ Bunker Liner can be placed under the turf, creating a seamless edge while allowing the roots to thrive in the porous material. Additionally, trimming turf edges has never been easier. Featured in the Golf Architecture Magazine, this revolutionary bunker liner is a simple, superior solution to what has become a complex issue.

Installation Guide

Liner Spec Sheet

Lateral Flow Test

10 Year Warranty

Fast Installation

Polylast Bunker Liner is prefabricated and delivered ready to lay, it only requires placement of the preformed pads, the seams of which may be stapled and glued together.

You can calculate the cost of your Polylast Bunker Liner installation by using these numbers: 200 square feet installed per man hour, and your hourly labor rate.

$15.00/hr = 7.5 cents/sq ft
$25.00/hr = 12.5 cents/sq ft
$50.00/hr = 25 cents/sq ft
$100.00/hr = 50 cents/sq ft

Allows Water Flow

Lateral Flow Test
7,017 in/hr (26 gal/hr)

Even if a Polylast Bunker Liner is installed on a nearly vertical bunker wall, the water will flow through at the point of impact instead of pooling in the bottom of the sand trap.  You read that right, over 7,000 inches per hour.  There is no other product on the market today like the, patent pending, Polylast Bunker Liner.

Porous Material

Polylast Bunker Liner is porous, allowing water to flow through freely, while preserving the sand above.  This demonstration shows clear water running through the bunker liner pad and onto the ground below.  Although not technical at all, this was the very first test done in our parking lot to “see if this thing would work”.  Turns out it worked very well as many ASTM tests later, and superintendents and contractors from around the world, would confirm.

Thin and Flexible

Thin and Flexible

Polylast™ Bunker Liner is thin and flexible, allowing it to easily contour to the curves and dips of your bunker, simplifying preparation.

Seamless Edges

Polylast™ Bunker Liner is thin enough that it can be placed under the turf at the edge of your bunker, creating a seamless edge while allowing the turf to thrive.

Seriously Durable!

This video shows Polylast™ Bunker Liner easily withstanding the grinding and turning of a 6,500 pound forklift wheel.

Machine Raking

Many bunker liners are damaged by machine raking. We put Polylast™ Bunker Liner to the test. This video shows Polylast™ Bunker Liner easily withstanding the abuse of a machine rake.

Safe For Golf Clubs

Polylast™ Bunker Liners are incredibly strong, but easy on your golf clubs. This video shows that Polylast™ Bunker Liners will not damage your golf clubs if you hit the liner.

Weed Wacker/Edging

Polylast Bunker Liner easily holds up to a weed wacker / weed eater / string trimmer, making it very easy to edge your bunker’s without damaging your trimmer or your bunker liner.

Many Applications

The same material that Polylast™ Bunker Liners are made from, can easily be applied to other locations on a golf course.

Freeze / Thaw Cycles

Polylast Bunker Liner is unaffected by cold weather, maintaining its strength and flexibility to minus 40 Fahrenheit eliminating any concern about breaks or separation from freezing.

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