Fallon Taylor’s horse stable and horse trailer installed with Polylast Flooring

Fallon Taylor, Professional barrel racer who became a 7 time NFR qualifier and the 2014 World Championship, loves her new Polylast floors. She has multiple high dollar horses she has used throughout her professional career and want to protect them. She picked Polylast SurfaceGuard because it comes with Microban Antimicrobial Flooring System to help prevent slips-and-falls and fight the damaging effects of microorganisms that humans and animals can come in contact with daily. The flooring system will reduce odors and stains, while staying cleaner longer. She saves money in the long run because there is no more need for mats or shavings.

“Throwing out my gross rubber mats was my favorite part of my Polylast barn makeover! Seeing the mold and grime that was under my barn surface really opened my eyes to the need for Antimicrobial flooring that would save me time and money!”
“Polylast flooring in my barn is like having soft ride boots on every horse every day! The compound effect of a happier healthier horse shows up in the arena and at the paywindow”

-Fallon Taylor