Polylast Products

Polylast products are an extremely versatile rubber surfacing solution made from 100% recycled rubber, that can be used in a variety of applications. Each application is customized to the project’s specifications based on color, durability, absorbency, and softness. Whether it is horse flooring, bunker liner, Kitty’s Scratch Patch, roadway repair, residential, or commercial challenges, there has never been a product, surface or solution that offers the benefits of Polylast™ (US Patent number 8,389,624 B2 issued March 5, 2013).

List of Polylast Products and Applications

Horse Flooring


Polylast™ can help make your horses safer, more comfortable, and better performing, all while enhancing the appearance of your facility and saving you time and money!

Bunker Liner


Polylast™ Bunker Liners become an extension of your drainage system, improving water flow and preventing washout while keeping sand from migrating rocks and dirt from below.

Commercial Challenges


Polylast Veterinary flooring is one of the safest flooring and cost effective options that serves many functions that benefit both small and large animals in veterinary clinics.

Polylast Products


Polylast™ is proud to introduce Dog Kennel Flooring helps protect small and large animals from dangerous slips-and-falls.

Livestock Flooring


Polylast™ Super Duty (SD) Flooring is exceptionally strong and durable, and is the solution for all of your livestock flooring needs!

Residential Flooring


Polylast™ can increase the comfort, safety, and aesthetic appeal of residential decks, garage, patios, pool surfaces and more.

Roadway Repair


Polylast™ provides superior yet substantially less expensive roadway repair solutions that are quick and easy to install.

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