Polylast Residential Flooring

Polylast SurfaceGuard with Microban® Antimicrobial Technology is a patented non-slip rubber flooring solution that increases the comfort, safety, and look of residential flooring, decks, patios, ramps, driveways, front entrances, pool surrounds, walkways, and anything in between!   Polylast products offer unparalleled durability and longevity, and there has never been a product, surface or solution that offers the benefits of Polylast!

Improve Your Home’s Look and Resale Value

With its slip-resistant, cushioned texture and versatile installation process, Polylast is sure to solve a multitude of residential challenges. Polylast Residential Flooring can be applied over asphalt, concrete, or metal; and subsurface preparation typically requires only a light cleaning.

This residential rubber floor maintains its positive attributes at temperatures from minus 40 degrees to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It stays cooler in the summer and won’t freeze in the winter.  This eliminates the need for shoes while grilling, boating, or relaxing by the pool in summer; and makes unsightly concrete cracks a thing of the past after a cold winter.

Finally, One of the most popular variations of Polylast Residential Flooring is a completely porous surface called Comfort and Safety Flooring (C&S Flooring), that allows fluids to flow through and follow the contour of the sub surface. Durable 10-year warranty comes with every Polylast floors and surfaces often last more 25+ years.

Polylast Residential Flooring Features

Improving your home’s look and resale value

Increasing cleanliness and sanitation while decreasing clean up time – just rinse it off and go!

Reducing wear and tear costs

Reducing potential slip and fall areas, especially near water

Ideal for workshops, sport courts, and play areas

Replaces indoor/outdoor carpeting

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