Polyast Testimonials

Polylast is proud to share some kind words from some of our clients. Many have recognized Polylast as a quality company with a quality flooring and surface product. Don’t just take our word for it but scroll down to read and watch what some of our clients and partners have to say about Polylast’s products.

Client Testimonials

Polylast Client Videos

Al Dunning from Al Dunning Training Stable in Scottsdale, AZ; describes the benefits his horses have experienced from using Polylast Comfort and Safety Flooring in his Hot Walker / Panel Walker. His horses are no longer twisting or hurting their ankles, and are performing much better!
Al Dunning

Owner and Operator, Almosta Ranch

Kathy Bro helps all of the ranchers in Utah, she is an experienced rancher. Kathy explains how using Polylast C&S Flooring in her trailers helps make her life easier, and keeps her horses safer and more comfortable so they are ready to perform.
Kathy Bro

KT Ranch

Murray Popplewell from Rae-Dawn Arabians, breeds horses and has been using Polylast in their wash bay’s, breeding area’s, and trailers. They love Polylast so much that when they built their new show barn, they exclusively used Polylast for their entire building.
Murray Popplewell

Owner and Operator, Rae-Dawn Arabians

Taryl O’Shea, Executive Director of the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, tells why it was important for the Arabian Horse Association to fund the installation of Polylast C&S Flooring at WestWorld in North Scottsdale.
Taryl O’Shea

Executive Director, Arabian Horse Association of Arizona

Brad Barkemeyer, a Professional Horse Trainer in Scottsdale, AZ, explains all of the benefits he has received from placing Polylast C&S Flooring in his horse trailer, both for his horses and his finances.
Brad Barkemeyer

Professional Horse Trainer, Barkemeyer Performance Horses

Michael Miola, owner of Silver Spurs Equine discusses the benefits of having Polylast in his collection areas. Polylast is an antimicrobial non-slip surface that helps keep your horses safer, more comfortable, and ready to perform at their best.
Michael Miola

Owner and Operator, Silver Spurs Equine

Todd Gralla, Director of Equestrian Services for Populous, tells about his experience with the merit’s of Polylast Comfort and Safety Flooring.
Todd Gralla

Director of Equestrian Services, Populous

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