Dr. Longworth is really happy with my walker surface. It provides a flat, rather than grooved, surface that is consistent for my horses to walk on and land flat. It is slightly more cushioned than the hard ground that develops without it. Your top allows my horse’s hoof to land and naturally rotate to accommodate each individuals conformation.

I have never been more confident in my horse’s soundness and use my walker more than ever. I truly believe that it has enhanced my horses conditioning and over-all health and welfare to a new level.

Al Dunning

Al Dunning Training Stables

Kathy Bro

KT Ranch

Taryl O’Shea

Executive Director, Arizona Arabian Horse Association

Murray Popplewell

Rae-Dawn Arabians

“I save about $1,800/ year by not using any shavings in my trailers!”

Brad Barkemeyer

Barkemeyer Performance Horses

Brad Barkemeyer uses Polylast C&S Flooring in his trailers, and hot walkers.

Brad Barkemeyer

Barkemeyer Performance Horses

Michael Miola

Owner, Silver Spurs Equine

Todd Gralla is the Director of Equestrian Services for Populous. He is involved with the planning and design services for equestrian facilities and fairgrounds.Todd’s main focus is on temporary and permanent equestrian sporting venues, racecourses and training venues, horse parks, polo clubs, private and public equestrian centers and private equine ventures.

Todd Gralla

Director of Equestrian Services, Populous

Polylast Equine Flooring System is simply the best product on the market! At Plasvacc we have used other flooring systems in our barns and have been sadly let down over time, they don’t last or stand up to the constant wear and tear of horse’s hooves.

Polylast Equine Flooring System is great value for money, lasts the distance, is environmental friendly by using recycle product, there is little to no maintenance, saves labor, reduces waste (no wood shavings) is easy to keep clean and because of its structure eliminates much of the odors.

We use Polylast Equine Flooring System at our equine facilities in California all day, every day and have staff walking on it constantly, the staff love Polylast Equine Flooring System because it reduces leg fatigue after a long day working with horses.

One big benefit of using Polylast Equine Flooring System is Shari Luis and her husband Mark. Shari has had a long experience in construction she knows what she is talking about when it comes to building products and she would only be involved with the best products. Mark a renowned horseman and horse trainer who only wants the best for his horse and that of his clients.

Lots of equine products are sold by people who don’t use them, know them or have any skin in the game that is why I am endorsing this product because it is built by horse people sold by horse people to horse people like Plasvacc.

Andrew Macarthur

President, Plasvacc USA Inc.