CSU Equine Sciences Testimonial

Polylast is proud to have received the following email from Dr. David J. Denniston, Ph.D. from Colorado State University. For over seven years, Polylast has been working to support programs like CSU’s as well as offering savings and support to organizations and individuals… Please don’t hesitate to contact Polylast or an Authorized Polylast Dealer to learn how you can benefit, too.

“I am the current Director of the Legends of Ranching (LOR) Program in the Colorado State University (CSU) Equine Sciences Program. I work closely with Wayne Miller, Ryan Brooks and Dr. Jerry Black.

In some recent facility projects including the horse tie rail and the re-model to the veterinary procedures room in the Adams – Atkinson Barn, Polylast has been supportive of the program and I wanted to reach out and personally thank you.

We take pride in our facilities and in my major role in the LOR Program, I take a huge amount of pride in our horses and our students associated with the LOR Program. The safety and appearance of our facilities helps us do what we do everyday and again, thanks to you and Polylast for helping us achieve our goals.

In recognition of your support (and pending your approval), I would like to run the attached full page / color ad in the our 2017 Legends of Ranching Horse Show Program. I’ve designed the ad with some personal “flavor” including a picture of and a quote from one of our highly respected CSU Ambulatory Service veterinarians standing on our new Polylast floor. The LOR Program is our signature and premier event.”

David J. Denniston, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Director of the Legends of Ranching Program
Colorado State University
Equine Sciences Program

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