Everything about Polylast™ is superior!

Everything about Polylast™ is superior!

Beware of Polylast imitators that have similar rubber flooring options. While there may be other flooring companies who claim to have the same product as Polylast™, the fact is they don’t. Actually, since Polylast™ is a patented and proprietary product, these other companies CAN’T have the same product as Polylast™. The best Polylast imitators can hope to do is have a similar rubber flooring options and it’s been proven that that’s not the case, either.

(Polylast Systems Patent No.: US 8,389,624 B2 issued March 5, 2013)

If you or someone you know is considering purchasing a less expensive product because they believe it to be the same as Polylast™, that’s their choice as long you or they know what you are buying. In order to help protect people from making a purchase based on misinformation, there are some important things to consider. So to help you understand the differences between Polylast™ and other rubber flooring products, here’s a list of questions that you should have answered before you make your decision.

  1. Is the product protected with Microban® Antimicrobial Technology?
  2. Is this product Hydrophilic or Hydrophobic?
  3. What are the ASTM Test results on the system?
  4. What are the Shore-A Durometer Test Readings?
  5. What is the warranty, and how do you feel about accepting a warranty from a company that hasn’t been around for very long?
  6. Will the company still be in business in the future to honor the warranty?

Don’t risk dissatisfaction with a less expensive, cheaper product. Polylast™ is not only a superior system, it offers the superior value!

Polylast Systems (Polylast™) was founded in 2010 to produce a non-slip floor with a variety of applications. Initially Polylast™ was used for equine applications and was installed in horse trailers, providing horses with better traction, and a softer more cushioned ride. Over the years, the applications for Polylast’s rubber floor has expanded drastically, even to create antimicrobial floor applications. August 1, 2015, Polylast entered into an exclusive agreement with Microban® Products Company, the global leader in antimicrobial technology, to produce surface solutions that are proven to inhibit the growth of damaging microorganisms, reduce odors and stains, and help keep surfaces cleaner longer between washings. Microban guarantees the efficacy of the antimicrobial effectiveness for the life of Polylast floors.

Finally, Microban® Antimicrobial Technology is infused into many Polylast™ products to provide antimicrobial floor applications. There has never been a surface solution that offers the benefits of Polylast™.

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