Train to Become a Polylast Flooring Dealer and Installer

At Polylast we take great pride in providing top of the line flooring solutions. That’s why we come to you to your location to train you and your team, where Authorized Polylast Dealers receive hands on installation and business training to ensure that all Polylast customers get the best surface solutions possible.

When people see a Polylast surface and understand all that it provides, they want it! Polylast Systems processes are Patent protected, which means that as more prospective customers become aware of the Polylast advantages they’ll have to deal with a Polylast Authorized Dealer to be able to enjoy the benefits! As you demonstrate how well “your’ system works, the repeat and word of mouth business will be substantial. This creates an opportunity for you to maximize your business profitability. Lastly, Polylast’s founders made a commitment to offer exceptional profit margins to dealers who are actively engaged in their Polylast business. One of the company’s goals is to offer profit potential that justifies dealer to aggressively and consistently build their Polylast business.

Polylast Systems, LLC has created a program for the specific purpose of developing a distribution channel that provides its unique, patented products to the people who want to build a lucrative business. Some people choose to add Polylast™ to an existing complimentary business, where we can provide significant additional products. Others see Polylast™ as a way to create a very profitable, stand-alone business. Are you qualified to take advantage of the wide range of profitable applications that Polylast™ can provide?



Virtually unlimited profit potential from providing unique surfacing solutions.


Ongoing training and support.


Patent protected solutions to a wide range of flooring and surface challenges.


Effective customer acquisition programs that help build your business.


Products that are great values and easily recognized as such.


Here are some pictures of the hands on training course…

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Contact us to help you find one of our 65+ national and international dealers for surface installations. If you have a question about our product or want to become a dealer feel free to reach out to us!

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