Polylast Bunker Liner Installation Guide

Polylast Bunker Liners are prefabricated and delivered ready to lay, it only requires placement of the preformed pads, the seams of which maybe stapled and glued together. From start to finish, bunkers of 1,000 sq. ft. or more can be installed, and ready for sand and play in about an hour.

6 Easy Steps!
Easy to install yourself

Bunker Liner Installation Guide

1. Remove sand from bunker, level, shape and clean.

Bunker Liner Installation Guide

2. Make sure all drains are adequate and working.

Bunker Liner Installation Guide

3.Start at highest center point of bunker rolling down into the bunker.

Bunker Liner Installation Guide

4. Butt each consecutive roll against each other as you work across the bunker. As you get a few rolled out another person can start
the gluing process.

5. Note that you may butt up against the edge or go over the top under the turf depending on your type of turf.

6. Add sand and you are ready to play

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